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Play in a universe where you start down the scale of evolution, and evolve to the Spatial phase. This is not all, after that a whole universe opens up to you, explore planets, discover other civilizations, make alliances or trigger wars without mercy!


Main Available features

  • Build Buildings
  • Make Cities
  • First person view / RTS
  • Health / Hunger
  • Character customization
  • Resource, Citizen, Jobs, Immigration, Homeless, Mood
  • Randomly generated planet
  • Dynamic planet type based on pollution
  • 5 planet types
  • Events can appear on planets (like storm, pollen...)
  • Phase research system (medieval, modern, spatial ...)
  • Make units
  • Fight in real time
  • Make Researchs to unlock new features
  • Travel to other planets with the StarGate
  • Build/Explore/Combat on others planets
  • Go to Space
  • Animals / Monsters on Planets

Main Planned features

  • Managing multiple planets
    • Planetary view, orbital view, system view, galaxy view
    • Possibility of acting on the underdeveloped civilizations
  • Combat units on space
  • System of Alliances, Exchanges, Wars
  • Advanced Diplomatie
  • AI Enemies
  • Character Skills/DNA
  • Ship Editor with interior
  • Building Editor
  • Externally decorative building, but with the possibility of entering in order to construct an interior room (with RolePlay goal / Decorative) [...] #strategy


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $5 USD. You will get access to the following files:

neo-win64.zip 204 MB
neo-macos.zip 209 MB
neo-linux-universal.zip 293 MB

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My broke ass splurged on this game to kill some time while I'm stuck at home but it doesn't even load past the first 'initializing' screen after you create an account. Damn. 


Hi, I’m sorry for that, this bug is fixed for the next update 

Try with the account:

User: demo 

Pas: demo 

I tried both and it still won't work!

Restarted server ;)


Thank you!

Fixed in 1.6 ;)


Nice game !