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Play in a universe where you start down the scale of evolution, and evolve to the Spatial phase. This is not all, after that a whole universe opens up to you, explore planets, discover other civilizations, make alliances or trigger wars without mercy!

NEO: An MMO First Person / RTS !

Main Available features

  • Build Buildings
  • Make Cities
  • First person view / RTS
  • Health / Hunger
  • Character customization
  • Resource, Citizen, Jobs, Immigration, Homeless, Mood
  • Randomly generated planet
  • Dynamic planet type based on pollution
  • 5 planet types
  • Events can appear on planets (like storm, pollen...)
  • Make Units
  • Fight in real time on map
  • Make Researchs to unlock new features
  • Medieval and Modern Age available
  • Travel to other planets with the StarGate
  • Build/Explore/Combat on others planets

Main Planned features

  • Make Units (On earth, in space)
  • Phase research system (medieval, modern, spatial ...)_
  • Managing multiple planets
    • Planetary view, orbital view, system view, galaxy view
    • Possibility of acting on the underdeveloped civilizations
  • Combat units on space
  • System of Alliances, Exchanges, Wars
  • Advanced Diplomatie
  • Animals / Monsters on Planets
  • AI Enemies
  • Character Skills
  • Ship Editor
  • Building Editor
  • Externally decorative building, but with the possibility of entering in order to construct an interior room (with RolePlay goal / Decorative) [...] #strategy


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

In order to download this Jeu you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $5 USD. You will get access to the following files:

neo-win64.zip 179 MB
Version 1.5.3
neo-macos.zip 180 MB
Version 1.5.3
neo-linux-universal.zip 195 MB
Version 1.5.3

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Nice game !